We recognize the importance of providing our customers with the level  of support they want when they need it. We offer the flexibility to  modify our programs to meet our customers' specific business needs.

Our broad range of services include:

  • Turnkey installation projects
  • Training
  • Phone support
  • On-line remote support
  • Depot repair
  • Field repair
  • Contract engineering
  • Documentation

Service Contract

We offer multiple coverage options for equipment now out of warranty.  These plans range from all-inclusive service packages to those covering  only basic labor charges. 

Fee for Service

Some customers prefer the pay-as-you-go method and we are pleased to accommodate these needs as well. 


The company stocks inventory for the occasions when replacement parts  are needed for warranty, contract or fee-for-service work. Most parts  are available for same day service or next day delivery.


Training services are held throughout the year or can be customized for  individual company needs. Topics range from MR Theory and Practice,  Software Operations, Chemometric Modeling, and Correflow™ operation.

Chemometric Modeling

We can provide support for NMR process modeling or other analytical  techniques. The technical staff has more than 30 years of combined  experience in chemometric modeling. 

Sampling Systems

The ability to reliably extract a representative sample of product from a  process stream is the most critical part of an on-line analyzer  project. Far too often project engineering staff will underestimate or ignore the critical aspects related to the sampling systems.  Our engineers recognize this importance and have vast experience in the  field of sampling solutions that work. Sample systems designed for  powders, pellets, slurries and liquids have been designed, built and  installed in a wide variety of process industries.