Magstation II

The MagStation™ II NMR analyzer is part of the world-renowned range of NMR spectroscopy products from LexMar Global. It provides off-line measurements and ensures quality control for scalable method development.

The MagStation II is the only NMR analysis system suited for advanced material analysis. It does not require manual sample preparation, such as pre-heating or pre-weighing. Patented data analysis methods provide the highest performance capable from a NMR spectrometer. It's ability to analyze hydrogen, fluorine, phosphorus and lithium can be used for research and development, and assurance of quality control of many chemical and physical properties.

Product Benefits: 

Large sample volume for more representative results
Optimized measurement accuracy
Minimal sample preparation

Product Advantages: 

Highest performance off-line Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology available
Scalable to the on-line MagModule™ II process NMR system
Fully integrated chemometric analysis
Worldwide support and training