MagModule II

The MagModule™ II NMR analyzer measures multiple nuclei including hydrogen, fluorine and phosphorus. It is utilized in the polymer industry to measure chemical and physical properties. In addition, the system has proven successful measuring phosphorus in various industries and can also be configured as an on-line fluorine analyzer. The MagModule II comes complete with our custom-designed sampling system ensuring our customers reliable, on-line process analysis.

The MagModule II combines a small footprint with a track record of proven success. It is available for installation in both hazardous and non-hazardous locations. Proprietary high-performance data analysis methods provide reliable measurement of key process parameters. Complete logic and computer controls are provided to enable Advanced Process Control (APC).

Product Benefits: 

Fast, non-destructive analysis
Improved plant efficiency
Improved transition times

Product Advantages: 

Modem communications provide full remote operation, fast customer support
Fully compatible with off-line MagStation™ products
Worldwide support and training