Correstat 5410

Many process streams cannot be measured accurately with standard off-the-shelf electrostatic monitoring technology products. LexMar Global offers the unique Correstatâ„¢ 5410 electrostatic monitoring technology allowing for the measurement of two-phase mass flow in non-conductive media.

The Correstatâ„¢ 5410 electrostatic probe monitors conditions within gas phase reactors. The electrostatic monitor measures charge imbalances within the reactor chamber. With the electrostatic charge measurements provided by the Correstatâ„¢ 5410 in real-time, process stability can be improved and shutdowns avoided.

This electrostatic probe is installed directly into the reactor. It can be customized to fit into existing ports or nozzles with standard flanged connections. It is available in either an integral or remote probe and electronics configuration, to allow for a variety of process requirements.

Product Benefits: 

User selectable sensitivity, range, and smoothing settings
Real-time bipolar measurement
Measures current

Product Advantages: 

No maintenance or spare parts required
Custom-designed probe for easy low-cost installation into existing ports
Intrinsically safe design
Worldwide support and training