Correflux 5420

The Correflux™ 5420 carryover electrostatic probe detects process upsets by measuring increases in the quantity of entrained particles in gas recycle and discharge lines. This real-time feedback allows for optimization of gas flows and other process conditions.

The Correflux™ 5420 electrostatic sensor can be used as a particulate carryover probe that monitors conditions within the gas recycle lines and the gas discharge lines of various process vessels. Immediate indication of process upset conditions along with real-time feedback of particle entrainment will allow for improved reactor control as well as optimized process conditions and production rates. This information is critical in protecting expensive down-stream equipment from damage caused by excessive particle carryover.

The Correflux™ 5420 electrostatic probe is ruggedized to be installed in the harsh conditions of reactor discharge lines. A sensing probe can be customized to be inserted into an available port or nozzle with standard flanged connections. It is designed to withstand the impact of entrained particles and to quickly alert plant operators of upset conditions. It is available in either an integral or remote probe and electronics configuration, for cases with extreme process conditions such as high temperature.

Product Benefits: 

Real-time indication of entrained particle concentration changes
Allows optimization of fluidizing gas flow
User-selectable sensitivity

Product Advantages: 

Custom-designed probe for easy low-cost installation into existing ports
No moving parts, no maintenance or spare parts required
Worldwide support and training