Increasing Petrochemicals Plant Profitability

Petrochemicals Increasing Plant Profitability

LexMar Global technology continues to provide real-time and laboratory resin property analysis, as well as electrostatic monitors to the polyolefin industry since 1989. These solutions allow for optimization of reactor control, decreased transition times, and increased plant profitability.

LexMar Global Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis solutions are ideal for chemical and morphological measurements of thermoplastic materials. Lab and process analysis is done non-destructively without labor intensive sample preparation or chemicals.

Process NMR measurements for polypropylene include xylene solubles, decalin solubles, heptane insolubles, flexural modulus, ethylene content and melt flow index. Polyethylene measurements include density, crystallinity and melt index. The Correflow™ electrostatic sensors were introduced to monitor electrostatic activity inside fluidized-bed reactors as well as detect entrained fine resin in carryover lines. These critical measurements, by our electrostatic probes, provide early insight into previously unknown process characteristics, thus enhancing output by avoiding costly reactor shutdowns.

Recommended Equipment By Leading Polyolefin Producers

A few examples of our application portfolio in the petrochemical industry:


  • Polyethylene resin analysis
  • Polypropylene resin analysis
  • Polystyrene resin analysis